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1. Can't I just use my cell phone?

    Cell Phones are limited quality prints due to size...especially in printing!  So many companies are trying to reflect their website or applications are able to produce great quality photo prints...but the truth of the matter is that you can only print the quality of what you were able to photograph.  If you zoomed in with your phone before taking the photo...you just enlarged each pixel as opposed to "zooming".  Zooming is a function that (currently) requires multiple levels of glass in order to capture the clarity of the photo desired.  A cell phone app or company cannot fix this problem with the current technology.  Always remember...every problem looks better when it's smaller, so do photos if not done professionally!

2. Why DSLR Cameras?

     DSLR cameras require experience and knowledge on use.  Also, the cost of the equipment (camera and lens alone) can range anywhere from $1000-$3000 or more depending on the photographer.

3. Why is the cost so high?

     Well, with each session, a client should expect that the average professional photographer may take 100 photos only to come to the conclusion of having 10-20 good photos after processing.  The time it takes to go through and look at the eye placement, smiles, hair, lighting, focusing amongst other things that the client would not approve of is extremely time consuming.  Generally, a client should expect 2-4 days of just photo post processing done alone...this doesn't include any time it takes to return home (if the photographer had to travel) and time to post them.  Also, remember the professional photographer is probably utilizing a highly specialized computer and software to develop the photos...and not to mention the cost for keeping your photos online and readily available.  These can add up quickly for the true professional photographer!  

4. What is involved with a photographer?

     An average photographer will not do what the average cell phone camera holder will do...and that is to allow a review of every photo taken.  The client has generally paid for time (to take photos, process the photos, and post the photos).  the average cell phone camera user will continue to take "selfies" just to show the way they are pleased with themselves and how they look.  This is why you see so many profile pages with a variety of angles taken (to hide weight), facial expressions (makes lips look larger), or even shadows (to hide blemishes).  Your professional photographer (not just someone who carries a camera), should know these different concerns as well as lighting...especially since photography is really the capturing of light!!  Keep in mind, the photographer is trying to keep your cost down when they guide you where to sit, how to stand, where to face, etc...  But above all, if you want to continue your relationship with your photographer (and those within their community of photography friends) do NOT get someone to follow you to take photos with your cell phone while the photographer is working.  They could interfere with the lighting, the shot, or even lose yours or possibly the children attention which would easily cause the session to either go overtime...or provide you with less finished photos than what you paid for.

5.  Commercial Photography?

     Nobody but a neutral party can really appreciate what you are selling or trying to reflect to the public!  And nobody but a professional photographer can show the importance of your product!  Someone that doesn't have an understanding of their equipment...or better yet...if they don't sound like they are speaking a completely different language when describing what they will be doing...I would strongly recommend getting a second opinion!  Your product deserves the best optical representation that it can get...make it worth the money and hire a professional photographer...especially one that has shown work with subjects other than people!!

6.  Keepsake of your future?

     There was once a story of a couple who had been married for several years.  While they and their children were out, the house caught fire and all photos from their dating, marriage, and birth of their children were destroyed!  Their wedding photographer had kept all of his photos from all of his clients (mind you, this was several years later) and was able to reproduce the photos for the couple.  A good professional photographer will keep copies for as long as they can and do all they can to help their clients.  This is what keeps people coming back for more and brings the relationship between the photographer and their client closer.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns...please...feel free to leave them here and either I will answer them, or I will find you an answer!

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